How To Talk About Race: Part 2 (Race Theory)


Friday evenings: 4/30, 5/14, 5/21, 5/28, 6/4, 6/11 from 4-6pm PST via zoom.

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The pre-requisite for this course is: “How to Talk about Race”

Course Information:

This course builds on concepts covered in the introductory level anti-racism course titled, “How to Talk about Race”.

“How to Talk about Race” introduced parents and educators to the four levels of racism and provided opportunities for educators to reflect on how various forms of racism manifest in schools, the lives of youth and the lives of educators. The goal of the course was to raise awareness around difference, equity, and racial justice.

In level one, we addressed one of the core tenets of Critical Race Theory: “challenge claims of color-blindness”. That is, we aimed to help identify the many ways that race and racism matter in the lives of youth to counter perceptions that racism only exists at the interpersonal level and can be attributed to individual bigoted people. In the level one course, we identified the myriad ways that racism plays out in schools by naming and giving examples of other forms of racism to make race and racism more visible, thus countering notions that race does not matter.

This Spring 2021, we are excited to offer a follow-up to this course. In this second course, we delve into race theory covering topics such as racial identity development, critical whiteness studies, racial triangulation and intersectionality. We also study the history of the construction of race and consider the role that visionary science fiction might play in the literary lives of youth. This course is less focused on pedagogy and tool building and more on building your race theory knowledge. In this intermediate level course, “How to Talk About Race: Part 2 (Race Theory)” we explore:

Racial Identity Development

Racism as everyday and endemic to the U.S: How do Students/Faculty of Color experience schools?

Whiteness as property


Interest convergence


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