Resources for Those Interested in Deepening Their Understanding of the Current Protests and for Talking about Them with Your Children


Kojo For Kids: Jason Reynolds Talks About Racism And The Protests.

This is an excellent resource for listening and discussing with your kids. 

 The MPD150 Report.

(LISTEN/READ OUT OF EARSHOT OF CHILDREN and then talk with them about it if you like.)
This is a “a 150-year performance review of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD). The report is the product of an investigation into the conduct of the department over the fifteen decades since its founding in 1867. It includes a survey of its current role and impact, especially on marginalized communities, and an exploration of viable alternatives to the policing model.” Although the protesters are not a monolith, and there is not a single opinion or vision for community safety, this is a very reputable and widely supported report and vision. I have found it very helpful for deepening my own knowledge of the history of policing and of its current impacts.
Here is the report’s website:
Here is the audio recording. This is what I would recommend listening to. It is well produced and engaging.

The Movement for Black Lives: Week of Action in Defense of Black Lives

(Again, I would look at this without your kids first, then with them if you like.)
The Movement for Black Lives has named different demands for every day from June 1 – June 6. Again, the protesters are not a monolith, but the Movement for Black Lives is one of the groups leading this moment, and their demands and visions are a guiding force. There are many action opportunities listed here with a range of risk levels from low risk to high risk. 

Resources provided by Sarah Yanuk