Coronavirus Mutual Aid


Communities on the Front Lines

In response to the coronavirus, community-based mutual aid groups are forming to support each other by sharing resources, running errands, providing financial support, and emotional care to each other. Today, over 30 groups have emerged to provide community-based mutual-aid in response to the coronavirus.

For students in particular, many higher education administrators and non-profit organizers have crowd-sourced and built intercollegiate networks to help those in need access vital resources, and information. For a thorough breakdown of national, state, and institutional resources, read through this COVID-19 Resources for Students document.

For California residents, there are several sources of support that one should access if they are concerned about immediate or long-term security, especially considering the increase in locked-down cities in the US:

For a continuously updated list –
All Eyes on the Frontlines: Coronavirus Mutual Aid

California Resources
Bay Area

Berkeley Mutual Aid Network

East Bay Disability Ally Form

East Bay Disabled Folks COVID19 Support Request Form

San Francisco Unified School District Mutual Aid

SF Bay Mutual Aid Form

South Bay Mutual Aid Volunteer and Request Support

West Oakland Punks with Lunch

People’s Breakfast Oakland Twitter and Website


Sacramento COVID-19 Mutual Aid 2020

Los Angeles

COVID-19 Mutual Aid Resources Links (Los Angeles)

Mutual Aid Action Los Angeles Fundraiser

ASC Los Angeles Mutual Aid Fund

San Diego

San Diego (county-wide) COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer Sign-Up and Facebook Group

LSC of DSA-San Diego COVID-19 Mutual Aid Grocery Shopping

Further Action

For more ideas on how you can take action for a just response to the coronavirus, visit and read: