Anti-Racist Resources and Readings


This reading list is compiled by Ibram X. Kendi, and offers a combination of classics, relatively obscure works and a few of recent vintage. Think of it as a stepladder to antiracism, each step addressing a different stage of the journey toward destroying racism’s insidious hold on all of us.

Ending Curriculum Violence

Yes, curriculum can be violent—whether you intend it or not. Here’s what it looks like and how you can avoid it. By Stephanie P. Jones

Just Medicine

Offers an innovative plan to eliminate inequalities in the American health care and save the lives they endanger. By Dayna Bowen Matthew

Justice Libraries

This page is dedicated in memory of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the many others who have died from police brutality. #blacklivesmatter and we have a shared responsibility to undo generations of anti-black thought, rhetoric, and systems in the US. We hope the following resources focused on anti-racism, police brutality, racial justice, ally-ship, and systematic racism will help you on your journey of self-growth.

White Caller Crime: Racialized Police Communication and Existing While Black

This Article is the first to argue that the recent spike in calls to the police against Black persons who are simply existing must be understood as a systematic phenomenon which it dubs racialized police communication. The label captures two related practices. First, racially motivated police reporting—calls, complaints, or reports made when Black persons are engaged in behavior that would not have been read as suspicious, or otherwise worthy of police involvement had they been White. Second, racially weaponized police reporting—calls, complaints, or reports made against Blacks in an effort to capitalize on law enforcement mistreatment of Black persons, or harm the victim because of their race. By Chan Tov McNamarah.

The Radical Self-Reliance of Black Homeschooling

Some black parents see teaching their own children as a way of protecting them from the racial disparities of the American education system. An Article in The Atlantic By 

NCTE Presents: Antiracist Baby with Ibram X. Kendi

Ibram X. Kendi will join NCTE again in conversation upon the release of his new book, Antiracist Baby. The new book is a board book, written to introduce the concepts of antiracism to young children. The book’s nine concepts, supported by bold illustration, initiate conversation around antiracist behaviors. While this is a board book for children, this latest book by Dr. Kendi can support and interest readers of all ages.

Call It What It Is: Anti-Blackness

The word “racism” is everywhere. It’s used to explain all the things that cause African-Americans’ suffering and death: inadequate access to health care, food, housing and jobs, or a police bullet, baton or knee. But “racism” fails to fully capture what black people in this country are facing. The right term is “anti-blackness.” New York Times article by Kihana Miraya Ross

Black Lives Matter Instructional Library

A Google Slide collection of BLM-focused books for children and young adults, including a section in Spanish. Recommended Youtube Channels: Sankofa Read Aloud, Woke Kindergarten, or Story Time With Ms Melange.

15 Classroom Resources for Discussing Racism, Policing, and Protest

For teachers looking for more classroom resources—for themselves and their students—Education Week has compiled the following list. Article posted on Education Week by Sarah Schwartz.

University of San Francisco – Anti-Racism Resources

This page presents online materials you can use to begin to engage with anti-racism and social justice, to deepen your understanding of how our history, societal frameworks, and power structures are built to uphold racism, violence, and white supremacy.  This guide was a collaborative effort by Gleeson Library workers, and represents their personal efforts to uphold social justice and dismantle white supremacy in their everyday work. The resources on this guide will continue to be updated as we source and purchase content. For information on white allyship and privilege, please also visit our White Privilege Resource Guide.